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Innovation Artistry is…

... an Ethos

Innovation Artistry is a practical ethos of exploration, discovery and synthesis in which one remains consciously and continuously poised to expect the unexpected and to capitalize on its novelty and usefulness. Attitude

Innovation Artistry is a personal and organizational attitude of ethical opportunism. It values the principles and practices of execution used by world-class performing artists. It is a fundamental attitude that regards the development and maintenance of individual Virtuosity, the joy in work with peers in Ensemble, and the strategic power of Score to be the keys to "performance when it counts the most." Orientation

IA consciously inhibits prejudice that perverts perception and consciously seeks an orientation of non-habitual perception. Non-habitual perception [NHP] allows new insights to emerge, coherent visions to coalesce and empowers the creation of an open-ended trajectory of productive purpose and meaning in both work and life.