• Where are you on the wave?

    True leadership is based on situational intelligence that persuades, inspires and activates colleagues. It creates voluntary alignment, committed cooperation and the unified execution of strategic goals.

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  • How far do you want to see?

    Non-Habitual Perception™ (NHP) is the ability to move beyond preconceived mind-sets and is a prerequisite for innovation.  Learn how to see possibilities, make decisions, and self-correct on the fly. 

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  • How fast do you want to get there?

    Innovation that merely adapts to the rate of change is evolutionary, the minimum necessary to survive. Innovation that controls the rate of change is revolutionary and determines whose ideas, products and services compete and whose fall away.

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People Performance by Performance People

Original insights from the concert stage to improve performance and foster innovation.

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First Principals

The five core values that drive innovation.

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People Performance

Develop talent in ways you never imagined. Learn the secrets of true mastery.

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The Art of "Know How"

Integrate purpose, people and processes to continually improve performance amidst relentless change.

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Workshop Topics

An overview of topics and benefits of our unique un-seminar.

About Us

Innovation Artistry presents performance experts and practitioners using live music to illustrate powerful metaphors.

Live performance, participant 'hands-on learning', and coaching illustrate innovative best practices. Performance excellence is not an end to be pursued; it is a source to be discovered and utilized in daily performance.

The nexus of the exes:

Core competencies are essential fundamentals continuously maintained at a minimum level of virtuosity and continuously challenged to stretch and elevate that level. This continuous practice of creative transformation is itself expertise in developing expertise and is transposable to other areas of endeavor.
Success and failure yield feedback that is the fertilizer for growth. No experience is irrelevant to sustained continuous development. Cross-discipline experience allows expansion of perspective, insights and vision to emerge. Imagination is exercised, expanded and further challenged. Nothing is unrelated; everything is useful. Innovation emerges through synthesis.
Leaders maintain an action orientation that serves as an example. They are not merely dreamers of ends they are visionaries of means put into profitable action. The value of their example is in the performance of authoritative means that impel outstanding outcomes.